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David Kahne

Ed sent me a Potofone to try out. I was blown away by what I heard when I put it on an acoustic guitar. The top was smooth and clear, with no spiking, and the bottom reached down on my J-200 (Acoustic Guitar) like I'd never heard before - and the mic was farther away from the guitar than I usually mic, because I was wondering about level.

Then I did a drum tracking session, and we used it as a mono kit mic, and again I was blown away again. We pushed it down with an 1176 (Classic Limiting Amplifier), and the kick was huge, snare was tight, and the cymbals weren't hurting at all.

So I'm now an official Potofone devotee : )) Way to go, Ed and Dave!!

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Credits: David Kahne has worked with and produced Tony Bennett, Paul McCartney, Lana Del Rey, Fishbone, Sublime, The Strokes, Sugar Ray, The Bangles, Romeo Void, Stevie Nicks, Teddy Thompson, The Outfield, Renee Fleming, and Linkin Park.

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