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Kevin S. McMahon

Producer/ Recording Engineer

I have been elated ever since I received the Potofone 3552C. I use it on everything. The Potofone has more high end than other ribbon mics I have used. Vocals, pianos, tambourines are rich and smooth but not dull when recorded with the Potofone. I use it on drums centered above the rack tom for amazing mids and highs. There is lots of usable low end and it is sensitive enough to use further away than other ribbon mics. For guitar overdubs I use it on small amps 3 to 4 inches away for a full sound. I pair it with a modded telefunken pre. I don't like modern ribbon mics, preferring my two RCA 74s but I don't use them since I got the Potofone. The Potofone 3552C is a special ribbon mic that adds a whole other dimension to the picture.
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Credits: Real Estate, Ha Ha Tonka, Swans, Titus Andronicus, Frightened Rabbit, The Walkmen, The Felice Brothers, The French Kicks, The Mooney Suzuki

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