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Chris Butler

Producer- Future Fossil Music

My experience with ribbon mics has been limited to sessions where the engineer would drag out an old, precious RCA 77 or 44 for use on reeds – you know, for 'specialty' applications – and we would all bow down and treat these things with a (justified) reverence.  But with the POTOFONE 3552C, I've been able to get and 'get' why ribbon mics are so cool, and are cool for recording anything – put a singer, a drum set or a guitar amp in front of one, and bingo…instant naturalness, a full-range richness. The recording sounds as 'real' as the instruments sounded in the room. The POTOFONE 3552C is well-built, well-thought out; a really great all-around mic.

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Credits: Chris Butler led 1980s band The Waitresses. He holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest pop song recording in history, a 69-minute song entitled "The Devil Glitch". Butler produced Freedy Johnston's 1989 album The Trouble Tree. He runs Future Fossil Music/ Future Fossil Records. Past and current credits include The Cranks, Half Cleveland, Purple Knif, 15-60-75 (The Numbers Band), Tin Huey, The Cranks, The Seneca Twins, and Otis Ball and the Chains.

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