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Craig Bishop / New York Noise

Exec Producer

The Potofone 3552C ribbon mic is a testament to beauty being way more than skin deep. I've used them on brass, drums and vocals. Vocals were full, detailed and in-your-face. As a matter of fact, for the vocal date, we decided to just give it a shot before putting up the mic we'd been using for this singer. We were so blown away by the Potofone, we never looked back.

As for drums, I've used them in a standard spaced pair configuration for overheads with great results. What really blew me away was setting then up in an over/under x-y configuration about four feet in front of the kit and at about rack tom height. Both the sound and stereo image were nothing short of spectacular. Perfect as recorded for straight-ahead tracks or, with the right plugins, a massive Led Zep vibe. I love these mics.

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Credits: Mojo Mancini / Regina Spektor / James McCartney / David Kahne / Billy Cobham / David Byrne / Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam / Change / The System / Tommy James / Spyro Gyra / Television

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