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Chris Bowman

Drummer / Acoustical Designer

"The Potofone 3552C is transparent. What I hear when I am playing is translated to the recording media. For me cymbals and the drums are two different instruments and cymbals can get glassy and crystal sounding. The Potofone is very natural sounding and the drums and cymbals sound clear and even, more than other mics that I have recorded with before."

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Credits: Jon Hassell / Paul Bley / Annette Peacock / Percy Jones / Jane Ira Bloom / Ratzo Harris / Larry Rivers / Frank Kimbrough / Dave Binney / Neil Leonard / Leo Smith / Major Lance / Bucky Pizzarelli / Lenny Pickett / Grady Tate / Steve Kahn / Luther Vandross / Patti Austin / The System. Chris founded CHBO Inc., the NYC-based acoustical design and construction firm with over 170 audio and video rooms to its credit.

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